martes, 30 de diciembre de 2008


I already have the WINTER 08-09 collection at home, which definitely has a more serious look than the last season, which was the main aim, due to the rise of the cotton weight in the fabrics, the embroidery, a better fit and the use of heavier inks. I still have to polish up a couple of things that aren't completely right yet, I reckon they're not a big deal though.

In approximately a week Ecinco (Logroño) and Undercrown (Zaragoza) are going to receive it, maybe more shops get it during the winter.

I'll have the official photos soon, until then I hope this sneak peak will satisfy the crowd.


ABOVE ALL embroidered on every good!

The Spirit Tee.

Another colorway of the embroidery

The logo printed behind every Tee and jersey (The "Spirit" ranglan in the photo)

Keep the spirit.

The Cap Living ranglan, only the back view, the front side will remain hidden until the official photos are shown.

Grey? Ohh, sorry it's not on sale, just for family and friends, only 6 tees were produced.

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